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#Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017#: Rakhi SMS, Wishes, Quotes in Hindi, Letter for Brother Sister

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017: Rakhi SMS, Wishes, Quotes in Hindi, Letter for Brother Sister:
Enjoy this Raksha Bandhan with your family and don't forget to wish Happy Raksha Bandhan to all of your friends & relatives. You can send Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes in Hindi to them on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites & apps. This blog will provide you A to Z about Rakhi festival so you don't need to open any other website after visiting our site. In this article you will get all type of Rakhi SMS, Wishes & Quotes in Hindi English fonts.If you want shayari then you will get on ihindiwishes blog.

We have already shared Happy Raksha Bandhan Images 2017 on our blog. It's the time to share some Raksha Bandhan SMS Wishes for our readers. We all loves to send Raksha Bandhan Wishes in Hindi English Marathi to our Brother or Sister when this festival occurs. As we all know this year, Rakhi is going to be celebrated on 7th August, which is very near to us. So we have decided to provide your Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 Greetings which can be used to send to your relatives & family members.
Raksha Bandhan Quotes in Hindi
Raksha Bandhan Quotes in Hindi: On this Raksha Bandhan don't forget to wish your closer ones. No matter they are your close friends or relative. It's the festival which shares bond of Love between Sister & Brother. Every sister waits for a long just to celebrate this precious day. She wish for her brother that he will live a happy life and always stand in front of her in every hard situations. Brothers complete this wish of their Sister by a promise that he will protect her from every problem in her life no matter it's a big task or small. This is the best bond of love in this world! You should make everyone happy by sending them Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes on this 7th august. You should check our Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari too.

Rakhi SMS for Sister: Are you looking for Raksha Bandhan SMS for Sister or Brother? Okay, this article will complete your this wish in a proper manner. We have shared lots of best Happy Raksha Bandhan Messages Wishes for all Bro's and Sis's to wish each other. What are you waiting for now? Just scroll down and copy your desired Raksha Bandhan Wishes. Internet is fulfill with this type of content but our one is something special. What we have done is: We just selected some unique Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes throughout the world wide web so that you will not feel old.
Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi
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Happy Raksha Bandhan Letter for Brother Sister: Many sisters & brother across all over world likes to send Letter to their bro or sis. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most popular festival of India which is celebrated every year by everyone in our country. But many brothers & sister live so far from each other. In this case they can wish each other through Raksha Bandhan Letter for Sister & Brother. How is the idea guys? I hope you liked it the most.

#Rakhi# Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes for Brother Sister 2017

Raksha Bandhan Quotes in Hindi
First of all we are wishing you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan to all of you & your family. Now it's time to wish everyone guys so let us share some Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 SMS with you. You will get a huge collection of Raksha Bandhan Messages which are the best ever in our collection. It's time to share best wishes with your Bhai & Bahan which are awaiting for your message. Everyone wants to wish their lovely Sister at first before any other wish her. So what are you waiting for? Don't waste your more time, just go down now and select any best Raksha Bandhan Text Messages.
Raksha Bandhan Cards for Sister

Raksha Bandhan Images for Sister

Happ- Raksha-Bandhan-Wishes-Images
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes Images

Raksha Bandhan 2017 Images

You all are waiting for Raksha Bandhan 2017 SMS, Wishes, Quotes in Hindi, Letter for Brother & Sister. Am I right? Well no problem we are completing your wish through this article. Raksha Banhan is very lovable festival for all of us. It's quite different from every other festivals like Diwali & Holi but it is more popular then others. When is comes to the most Happiness occasion it is Rakhi. This is why you should wish every of your friends & family a very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017.

Happy Rakhi Raksha Bandhan Quotes in Hindi English for Sister Brother

रिश्ता है जन्मों का हमारा , भरोसे का और प्यार भरा ,
चलो भईया, इसे बाँधे राखी के अटूट बँधन में … Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest brother!!
याद है हमारा वो बचपन , वो लड़ना – झगड़ना और वो मना लेना ,
यही होता है भाई – बहन का प्यार ,
और इसी प्यार को बढ़ाने के लिए आ रहा है रक्षा बंधन का त्यौहार।
 ये लम्हा कुछ ख़ास है ,
बहन के हाथों में भाई का हाथ है ,
ओ ! बहना तेरे लिए मेरे पास कुछ ख़ास है ,
तेरे सकून की खातिर मेरी बहना ,
तेरा भाई हमेशा तेरे साथ है।
I want to tell u,
during times when we fought,
my love was in different mood.
Happy Raksha Bandhan!
आया राखी का त्यौहार ,
छाई खुशियों की बहार ,
एक रेशम की डोरी से बाँधा ,
एक बहन ने अपने भाई की कलाई पर प्यार। Happy Raksha Bandhan
साथ पले और साथ बढ़े हैं , खूब मिला बचपन में प्यार।,
भाई भें का प्यार बढ़ाने आया ये त्यौहार ,
Happy Raksha Bandhan to all !! 
सूरज की तरह चमकते रहो ,
फूलों की तरह महकते रहो,
यही दुआ है इस बहन की आज कि
आप सदा खुश रहो। .
बहन की तरफ से भाई को राखी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ। 
"राखी का त्यौहार था
राखी बंधवाने को भाई भी तैयार था
भाई बोल बहना मेरी अब तो राखी बाँध दो ,
बहना बोली “कलाई पीछे करो , पहले रुपये हज़ार दो “
आपकी चर्चा है हर गली में
हर लड़की के दिल में आपके लिए प्यार है
ये कोई चमत्कार नहीं time ही ऐसा है
क्यूंकि कुछ दिनों में ही राखी का त्यौहार है.
हर लड़की को आपका इंतज़ार है
हर लड़की आपके लिए बेकरार है ,
हर लड़की को आपकी आरज़ू है ,
दोस्त ! ये आपका कमाल नहीं ,
कुछ दिन बाद राखी का त्यौहार है।
Do you know the meaning of these two words "Raksha" and "Bandhan"? Okay let me tell you, Raksha means defence or safety and Bandhan means Bond. When we combine this two meanings it will become Defence Bond. This is what every Sister will get from her brother on every Raksha Bandhan festival day. When sister tie a Rakhi on her brother's wrest, he promise her that he will always stand for her Defence and this festival make this Defence Bond more stronger. Well no need to waste more time in describing about this occasion. Now come on the point, here are the some images for you.
Raksha Bandhan Images for Sister with Quotes

Rakhi Quotes in Hindi

Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes in English

Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes in Hindi

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS for Sister

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS for Sister: Every brother wants to wish her sister a very Happy Rakhi festival every year. But for this you need some best ever Raksha Bandhan SMS for Sister. And this article is whole about this. We are sharing Rakhi SMS for Sister and I am sure your sister will love your messages. You should check Happy Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Status.
Kaamyabi tumhare kadam chume,
Khushiyan tumhare charo aur ho,
Par bhagwan se itni prarthana karne ke liye,
tum mujhe kuch to commission do!
To my extremely lovable (but kanjoos) brother...
Just kidding as always.
“Happy Raksha Bandhan.”
Rakhi Ko Tyonhar Tha Rakhi Bandhane Ko Bhai Taiyar Tha Bhai Bola bahna meri ab to rakhi bandh do, Bahna Boli, Kalai Peechhe karo, Pahale Rupae Hazaar do.
Hey my sweet little pie, your cute smile makes my day, your small little hands take me out from all dangers of life. You are little angel of my life. I love you. Your's elder sister/brother. 
Yes I love you. You are so cute, smart. My mother also likes you very much. My father is ready to take up our relationship seriously. So please don't say no to my proposal. Accept me as your dearest, loveliest younger sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhaiya. Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS for Bhaiya
My cute angel from today's onwards I promise you I'll never scold you when you'll tear my books, messed up my clothes. You are really a ray of happiness in my life. 
So guys I hope you likes our collection. This is the best ever Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 SMS, Wishes, Quotes in Hindi English for Sister & Brother. It took lots of time and hard work to collect all of provided Raksha Bandhan SMS Text Messages form various sources. Our main motive is to provide you everything about indian event Raksha Bandhan.

This article is all about Happy Raksha Bandhan 2017 SMS, Wishes & Quotes in Hindi & English fonts. You can visit our more article which are also related to Rakhi festival. We have tried our best to find and share best ever collection for our readers. Now what are you waiting for? Just copy your desired Rakhi SMS Messages and send it to your sister, brother or any other family member to wish a Happy happy raksha bandhan to them. By doing this, you and that person both will feel good. It's your time to wish everyone on Social Media and by a SMS. Have a good luck, celebrate this day with your lovely sister & brother.